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How to Find the Best Residential Painters for Your Denver, Colorado Home


DAECO Painting is a paint contractor that recognizes your home for what it is: the center of your life and family—the place where your heart is. At every stage of your exterior painting or interior painting project, we communicate effectively to understand your unique desires and needs. We treat our customers and their houses with the utmost care and respect, giving personalized attention to each detail. Using only the best products and proper techniques, we provide Denver, Co. and surrounding cities with superior house painting services, and we provide the warranty to back that claim.

Need Help With Selecting Just the Right Color?

Customers of Daeco Painting who need help with choosing the right colors receive a complimentary color consultation with a DAECO Professional any scheduled exterior or interior painting job.

Our Residential Painting Services Include:

Homeowners looking for local painting contractors have a challenge on their hands. Painting is a professional service. Customer satisfaction depends mostly on the service provider of choice. It is not about putting the paint on the surface it's about well trained the painters are. The paint job itself should look and feel good. The smart consumer usually wants the house painter to manage the entire experience. It should all start with the first phone call and later the estimate. Expectations need to be clear right from the start. The customer and the contractor should always be on the same page and all concerns should be answered before the job even starts.

Before you Hire A Professional Painter, ask this Important Question:

Who will paint your home? Does the contractor have their own in house painters or do they “sub out” the job to someone else? Ask about the painters, be inquisitive, this is important in many ways. Do they know who they will send out to your home? How long have they worked for the painting outfit? Are they in fact employees of the company or the next subcontractor available? These are fair questions and they should have clear answers.

Fact: 90% of house painting companies don’t have their own employees. After hiring company A, the homeowner finds out that smaller company B is painting the house. We don’t think that’s fair and transparent. The contractor should disclose this to the customer upfront. You have a right to know since the painters will be around your family, your pets, and your belongings. On some occasions, we have to use trained, verified subcontractors to help offset the overload of job orders. “Note: our trusted subs have been with us for over 10 years and at one time were employees of ours

At DAECO painting we have a policy of using our own uniformed painters. If you hire our company, you will get our own trained painters. How Important is this? We think it’s very important, let’s see what Susan Tomlinson said:

“…We have hired the Daeco crew twice for interior painting and wouldn't hesitate to do so again. What makes them stand out is that they are not only personable and responsive, but their work is excellent, and they exhibit a great deal of care and concern for your property and personal comfort while they are in your home. No detail is too small for them to address and they frequently will go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction without being asked or adding on to your bill. Great contractors are hard to find, so when I find a good one, I like to share! Highly recommend.…”

Susan And Dave who live in the West Woods Golf Course community. They own a lovely home between the lake & golf course and hired DAECO painting to paint their entire interior.

Residential Paint Services: DAECO Painting

Paint and coatings technology has come a long way. Flats are more washable and glossy finishes are odorless. The color and interior decor industry is blossoming with exciting decor ideas. Homeowners tend to follow decorating blogs and frequent social media sites for inspiration. If that isn't enough, professional color help is widely accessible. Color consultants can turn the client’s inspiration into beautiful living spaces. There are even decorative finishes for adventurous homeowners.

Our interior painters understand and know that preparation is the key to a great paint job. Surfaces must be clean and dust-free. A good interior painting job includes patching & sanding of cracks, holes, and imperfections. Covering and masking will protect the customer’s property and valuables. The quality of the paint is important for many reasons. Good paint has a low odor and is more washable. In the end, it looks better. The cost of the paint itself is less than 20% of the contract price. Using top quality paint is a wise financial decision.

Coming home to a perfectly painted exterior is an amazing feeling. Curb appeal is important to everyone. A neighborhood filled with beautiful well maintained painted homes in different styles and colors makes a neighborhood feel safe and clean. How important are curb appeal and home maintenance? Pride of ownership aside, a well-maintained home is money well spent.

Colorado weather is harsh on exterior surfaces, our homes take a beating. Surfaces exposed to the elements need the most protection. Wood replacement is expensive and finding good carpenters is an adventure on its own. A good paint job with quality paints is the best insurance against the elements.

As a family-owned and operated painting contractor in Denver, Colorado, we at DAECO painting are your one-stop-shop for paints and services. In 2018 we broke loose from the chains of big corporate suppliers and rolled our highly competitive paints. DAECOAT PLUS EXTERIOR HOUSE PAINT. Benjamin Moore Regale and Sherwin Williams Resilience are the equivalence to our DAECOAT PLUS exterior house paints. Our interior DAECOAT PRO-L 5 will compete with Benjamin Moore's Aura, in a comparison DAECOAT PRO-L 5 outperforming the Aura label. DAECOAT PRO-L 5 less smell, fewer applications, spray friendly for that perfect lay down, come at a 1200 scrub ability on matt flats. And $20.00 cheaper than the Aura. DAECOAT PAINTS for professionals by professional.

Professional Interior Painting in Denver, Colorado.

While maintaining the upkeep of the outside of your Denver home is important, it is equally important to maintain the inside of the house as well. Any paint band will paint can fade over time, especially if the room receives a significant amount of sunlight or traffic. Most homes in Denver, Colorado get a lot of sun, that is unless the draperies are drawn during all daylight hours. Very few people in the area want to live in that type of a cave-like situation, therefore; water if you live in Washington Park Denver, Co, or in Central Park Of Denver area, all homeowners simply must deal with regular interior painting. Without a doubt, a fresh coat of paint on the ceilings, walls, trim, and doors give the home an overall cleaner and fresher appearance. This will unfailing if done correctly, make the home look clearer, well-kempt, and properly cared for. Guaranteed! Known fact that a person gets an absolute good feeling after having interior painting services performed at their Denver home.

Denver Co. Interior Painting

With the holidays rapidly approaching, many homeowners in and around the greater metro Denver Co. area are gearing up for celebrations with friends and family. There is no time like the present to take a serious look at your interior ceilings, walls, trim, and doors in your home. If your interior paint is in any way dull and dingy, you might want to consider hiring a paint contracting company for the interior painting. Quality interior painting services will surely help you present your home in its best light for the holiday season. Can’t think of everyone doesn’t want their friends and family members to be impressed with the beauty of their homes during get-togethers regardless of the architectural design.

Washington Park Denver, Co,

The interior painting contract services at Daeco Painting are real local friendly professional painter(s) with the experience, paint skills, and talent to complete any size painting project.

Quality Interior Painting.

Central Park Of Denver

It’s very important to know and understand homeowners and renters living in and around the Denver, Co Metro Area, that their homes are kept in picture perfect condition. No matter what a person does, regular interior painting is a must for keeping the home looking clean and fresh. Finding the right house painter for interior painting in Denver can be time-consuming, and a real nightmare. There are quite a few painting companies that will gladly accept a job on a high-end property, however; few have the expertise to get the painting job done properly and satisfactory. Daeco Painting offers the highest quality interior painting services in the greater metro Denver area.

Complete Interior Painting Services.

Daeco Painting has a great reputation for their interior painting services in Denver, Colorado. Hire a background-checked Expert Painter You Can Trust. House Painting Services. Call 303–999–8864 to schedule an estimate for interior painting


A dependable residential painting contractor who will respect y​our space and do the job by trained pros?

How To Choose The Right Paint Brush

Rather if you doing painting one interior room or painting the whole exterior of your home, one important eliminate in your choice of tools is. What paint brush do I use?

This source will help serve as a guide in choosing the right brush for you and the specific condition of various job tasks at hand.

The type of brush you use depends on several factors. Like the type of paint you are using, the surface type, and what type of environment plays a major role. Why the environment? You are going to want to take into account the temperature and humidity, all need consideration before painting.

When applying oil-based paints, you will find bushes with softer filaments like a natural white bristle brush work best. For stains and clear's use a natural bristle brush like Ox hair or synthetic soft hair like a Syntox brush. Both are ideal for picking up and applying these types of paints and stains.

Paint brushes vary in price and there are different types of paint brushes specific to the job task. For instance, With more than 85 years of manufacturing quality brushes by hand, Purdy never compromised the product. within this time we have learned that different applications in paints require different brushes. Purdy has a vast variety of paint brushes to choose from and all perform very well. If you are using a water base, raw or vinyl acrylic paints, you will find that brushes made with synthetic filaments like Nylox, XL, Clear Cut, or Chinex perform very well. If you need an all-purpose brush that can withstand multi-task with multi applications you will like the Purdy, XL, Elite, or Pro Extra. The brushes are made with stiffer filaments making them more durable than the softer made brushes, These brushes can handle a wide range of paints and substrates.

Our only focus is on you, our client. By specializing only in both exterior house painting services, interior house painting services, and all that goes along with residential house painting. We have the experience, painting skills, and talent that ensures it will not fail. And because of our passion to see you happy, I have gone as far as to eliminate the middle man by having our very own exterior and interior paint label. Manufactured right here in the USA. DAECOAT PLUS paints. By professionals for professionals. Denver House Painters. Better service and products one local trusted painting contractor.